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Cat Shaped Bamboo Suction Plate - Blue

Cat Shaped Bamboo Suction Plate - Blue

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A Bamboo Suction Plate with a super cute Bunny face to help make meal times fun. The plate comes with a suction pad which securely attaches to a flat surface to help reduce mess and spillage, The plate comes with a Silicone Baby Spoon crafted to make it simple to transfer food from the plate to the baby's mouth. A perfect gift from you to baby, to help toddlers feel more confident and improve motor skills. 

The Bamboo Kids Plate, It’s more than just a plate! These awesome plates have a suction cup to prevent knocks and spills and an easy-release tab in the back. Most importantly they are Eco-Friendly, made from 100% Bamboo, simple to maintain and requires no scrubbing.

Our little munchkins are our world and meal times can be stressful. So why not try and make it a little easier for us all. These bamboo suction plates, which are made entirely of bamboo (natural wood), are incredibly smooth and tactile. The characteristics of bamboo make them fully eco-friendly, hygienic (bamboo is inherently anti-bacterial), and devoid of plastic and chemicals.

Our Bamboo Plates have been designed to make meal times easy and fun. So here’s a little more about our plates.

  • You can attach the bamboo toddler plate to the table using the suction cup to prevent spills and overturned plates.
  • Sectioned plate so you can separate different food.
  • The spoon is simple to use and perfect for both assisted and independent feeding.
  • Cleaning is simple because the silicone suction ring is detachable from the plate. Simply use warm, soapy water to wash the Bamboo Tableware and the suction ring.
  • Slick and attractive designs to make meal times fun.

Our plates are made from 100% Bamboo making them an eco-friendly alternative as you can rest assured knowing they won’t end up hurting our planet. FDA-approved silicone that is free of plastic, melamine, and toxins.

This is the ideal gift for friends’ Growing Toddlers because it is a sturdy, long-lasting set that will be used frequently for many years. Also available in other colours including ‘Round’, ‘Bowl’ and ‘Cat’ shapes.

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